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John From Cincinnati Fan Community
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23rd-Sep-2007 02:10 am - Icons
[1-9] John from Cincinnati
[10-18] Nathan/Haley - One Tree Hill
[19-27] Stock - Pizza


more here @ my journal
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19th-Sep-2007 10:39 am - Hollywood Report Ad Fund Is On
PayPal account for Hollywood Reporter ad has been established. You can find the link and all the current information I have on the homepage:


A new campaign has began as a collaborative effort between fans of the show who gather on two John From Cincinnati (JFC) forums: the HBO Member Created Threads and TheSnugHarborMotel.com.

Why An Ad?
As much as the previous campaigns involving postcards, teddy bears, dollar bills, etc., have made us feel like we were doing something, they may not have been the most effective way to get our point across to HBO. Because, if no one outside of HBO knows about our Save JFC efforts, HBO can just ignore it (and us).

A knowledgable member at TheSnug put it this way, "If those who cover TV knew of the varied campaigns to save JFC, they would ask HBO the questions we ask, but they would not be ignored. They would ask the simnple question: 'Does this campaign have any chance of succeeding...do you care, HBO?' This has a double benefit in that not only would print journalists who cover TV have something to write about and thus spread the word to others who might want JFC saved, but the mere fact that they're calling HBO is another prod to the suits there and strengthens our fight enormously."

Press Release.
So not only must we take out the ad in the Hollywood Reporter, we must contact every news outlet, be it major, minor, local, special-interest or national, and tell them what we are doing and why.

What We Still Need Besides your donations, we have a graphic artist at TheSnug who will get the ad print ready but we need the ad created. We also need to create a press release. And we need to get the press release to as many news outlets and papers as possible.

The more we collect the larger the ad and the greater the impact. Also, if we can get the ad in during the next two weeks, it will be seen by everyone in television as all the Emmy winners’ ads will be running during that period of time.

Any money donated to the ad that is not used will go to WildCoast.net, the organization for which Mitch Yost (actor Bruce Greenwood) made a Public Service Announcement (http://www.wildcoast.net/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=349&Itemid=132)

The thread for the ad at TheSnug:


Work here, Cass.
Just a couple of random icons.
Credit would be appreciated.

Damn, I'll really miss our show. Too bad they didn't give our little fandom the chance it deserved.

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Four more behind the cutCollapse )
Who - To days to come!
14th-Aug-2007 09:07 am - Cancellation
Well, drat. Seems HBO has decided to be lame and cancel JFC, leaving umpteen questions unanswered. Having just watched the entire series of Carnivàle, another HBO supernatural noir that ended with zero resolution, I'm not terribly surprised, but I'm still disappointed.

So! What do we think happened, eh? Cut for spoilers for season finale.Collapse )
10: *pout*
13th-Aug-2007 09:16 am - JFC on DVD.
So, although, I have yet to watch Episodes 1x09 and 1x10 (things have been rather busy) I have looked over some of the headlines for last night's JFC in the "News" section on Google -- and ouch -- seriously.
It isn't looking so wonderful for our beloved and incredibly under appreciated show to be coming back for a second season. But who knows.
Of course I will keep you all updated with what I learn - I have set my google news alerts.

However, some good news, Amazon.com has JFC on DVD up on their page. No release date or anything has been posted - but this shows that HBO will be putting the complete first season out on DVD at some point in time.
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